Hi, I’m Hanna!

je lisais ceci Hi, I’m why not try these out Hanna! Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you wanted to learn more about me and my work. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments! I’d love to connect with you!

A recent graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Arts in public relations, I am ecstatic to break into an industry that blends my love for creativity, structure, and relationship building.

I have completed classwork that has allowed me to improve my multimedia writing skills, study public relations campaigns, and learn the basics of graphic design and web management. I have been certified in Google Analytics and Hubspot Graphic Design. I have also become proficient with programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

I am a strong, hard-working leader that will get the job done and done well. Behind my hard-working spirit is my commitment to organization and effective communication.  My passions include helping others thrive, creating positive change and crafting memorable experiences.

I am originally from Dothan, Alabama. I was raised in a family of die-hard Alabama fans, but my choice to come to Auburn University was easy. I was immediately sold on all that Auburn had to offer me both academically and socially. My past three years of undergrad have been so special because of the relationships with students and faculty here at Auburn. I am a real believer in the Auburn family.

I prefer tea over coffee. My weaknesses include buying too many candles and stationery sets. I have probably taken every personality test that exists and believe very strongly in their accuracy. I would love nothing more than to sit down and ask you ice breaker questions for hours on end.