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My Week of Relaxation

useful link Spring break always arrives right after the one of the busiest weeks of the semester. A week filled with papers, tests, and social obligations galore. This week is always extremely stressful. Luckily spring break comes just in time to save the day. cheap augmentin 875 That is why this year my main goal is to have a spring break that is full of relaxation. 

My first objective to make sure that I have reached my maximum level of relaxation is to increase my hours of sleep by 20 percent during spring break. I will achieve this by not setting any alarms. If all goes according to plan, I will not have any morning obligations so that I can sleep in as late as I choose. If for some reason a morning obligation is forced upon me, I refuse to set an alarm earlier than 9 a.m.

My second objective is to spend some time in the outdoors for at least six out of the nine days of spring break. Recently, I have felt very cooped up indoors. During the week, I sit in my internship office for most of the daylight hours. On the weekends, Auburn just can’t seem to escape the rain.  

This objective will certainly help me to gain some relaxation. I have been searching for some outdoor relaxation inspiration and will definitely not be confined to the indoors during my spring break. I hope to implement some of these strategies I found.

My favorite place to relax outdoors is at Lake Martin. I plan to spend lots of time here over my spring break.

One thing that is very important to me is investing in my relationships with family and friends. Considering this will be my final spring break before I begin my career, my third objective will be to spend time with my family and friends every day of my spring break. I want every day to be filled with quality time with the people I care about the most. I am realizing how precious these final few months of college are and how important it is to invest in my relationships.

One strategy I am implementing to make sure I am investing in my family and friends is to plan out fun activities that I know they enjoy. I have planned out fun day trips and special dinners. Hopefully, these ideas will make for fun memories that will last forever.

In today’s culture a huge form of stress and anxiety can come from social media. Especially during spring break, it is easy to constantly compare your vacation to the glamourous vacations you see on your Instagram feed. 

This has inspired my final objective which is to limit my social media use to 30 minutes a day. While I think it is probably unrealistic to give up social media use completely, I think that setting a limit using one of these cool apps will help me be more focused on relaxation.

As my final spring break comes to a close, I plan to measure my break’s success by the ratio of my happiness to stress. I will consider this spring break wildly successful if I come back to school less stressed than when I left. 

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