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The Design Software That Is Sure to Make You Stand Out!

Have you ever tried to make a brochure for your favorite club or maybe a flyer for the super awesome event you’ve been planning? You want it to look sharp, clean and professional, but you don’t even know where to begin. You think to yourself, “How does everyone else do it?”

Well, let me let you in on a little secret.  magically Adobe InDesign.

Adobe InDesign is used by designers to create those professional flyers you are after. This publishing and typesetting software gives you the freedom to create eye-catching materials that you just cannot achieve in Microsoft Word.

Just like learning any new skill, Adobe InDesign may be very intimidating at first. When initially launching the software, you may be a tad overwhelmed by the number of tools staring back at you from the tool bar. However, do not let your fear get the best of you! With just a few deep breaths and a little trial and error, I’m sure you’ll be working InDesign like a pro.

One thing that Adobe offers to help out beginners with all of their programs is Adobe HelpX tutorials. Check out this one if you are a true beginner that needs step-by-step instructions for getting started. These tutorials helped me tremendously when I sat down to do my first project on InDesign. 

The design opportunities with InDesign are not limited to a simple flyer or brochure.  http://gcci.co.uk/c-read-easy One thing every young professional needs is a stand out resume and cover letter. InDesign is the perfect tool to use!Through InDesign, you can insert vector images that add spice and flair to a boring resume. Using images throughout your branding consistently will make you a memorable candidate. A very useful tool offered in InDesign is the ability to integrate custom logos designed in other Adobe programs seamlessly in to your resume.

Across many industries, especially Public Relations, a well-designed brand and resume can be just the thing that scores you the interview and gets your foot in the door. Plus, if you use InDesign for your resume, not only are you adding design elements to your resume but also a new skill to your expertise column!

Check out this Adobe HelpX tutorial if you want to use InDesign to revamp your resume!

Once you love your resume design, create a cohesive cover letter that complements your brand perfectly. The ability to easily tweak your text will make you ready for any interview or job application.

The freedom to easily manipulate text and images is what makes InDesign so great. You are not limited to templates or formats that many other software options bound you to. 

InDesign has quickly become my favorite design tool for all things publishing and design. I really encourage you to sit down and play around with this Adobe program! Go through the design tutorials or even explore what is out there on YouTube. Who knows…you may be motivated to think outside the box and create your own magazine publication.  https://lemonlaw.consumeractionlawgroup.com/tag/common-rolls-royce-problems/ The sky’s the limit with InDesign!

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