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Why Do I Need to Have Design Skills?

The definition of what a public relations professional needs to be is changing rapidly. It is no longer good enough to be justa good writer. You need to be able to manage social media platforms, understand marketing principals and (what may be the most daunting task for some PR professionals) a  buy Lyrica online cheap graphic designer.

Design skills are very important to develop as a PR student so that when you enter the job market, you have a leg up on other applicants in so many ways! Let me explain…

  • You can be the “all-in-one” hire!

If you develop your skills correctly, your employer will have no need to find a PR specialist, a marketing manager and a graphic designer. All they will need is you. 

Your future employer will love the fact that, not only can you come up with a great new social media campaign, but you also possess the skills needed to make all the graphics for the campaign. Without enlisting the help of an outside graphic designer, you are able to make your own bright ideas a reality for your company or client!

As the industry of public relations becomes more image focused and less word focused these skills are becoming more and more crucial.

  • You can use your new design skills to develop your own personal brand.

Once you learn some design skills, you can make your first project a stand-out resumé and cover letter. This unique way to make an impression on the person flipping through a pile of applications will show that you can really walk the walk. They will be able to see your design skills in action from the start.

Here is a glance at my personal resume I created!

You can also develop a digital online portfolio. This will take your skills to the next level. This integration of web design and design work inside InDesign or Photoshop will prove you are well-versed in many areas of the design world. 

  • You can “talk the talk.”

The fields of PR and design are crossing over more and more each day. Even if your first job does not require you to create websites or infographics, it is very likely that you will have to work alongside a designer. 

In the working world, it never hurts to understand the professional language of those around you. You will probably find yourself in a situation where a graphic designer asks your font preferences on serifs vs. sans serifs or even ask you questions about a project’s leading or kerning. 

You will most definitely be taken more seriously by the graphic designer if you can understand and speak their language. Here is a quick crash course in design terminology that can really help out a design beginner. 

These are a few of the many reasons learning at least the basics of designs is important for PR majors. Also, your new design skills can be paired with so many other learned skills to make you hirable as well. To see what I mean, check this out.

Go ahead and get out there PR majors! Take on the challenge of tackling design basics. The payoff will be worth it and will likely help you land that dream job!

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